Saturday, 3 August 2013

Soap & Glory - Crazy Fangirl Moment?

Recently I've realised that I have been buying an awful lot of Soap & Glory products, and I just can't help myself! All the products have an amazing smell, and they are all really good - by that I mean they all actually do what they say they will, which I find that for quite a lot of companies, isn't the case.

Every time I walk into Boots it seems like a new S&G product comes home with me. I love the originality of the names and the packaging is really nice too!

From left to right: Bright Here, Bright Now energy balm, No Clogs Allowed detox mask, Peaches and Clean 3-in-1 facial cleanser

These three products I just picked up a couple of days ago since there is currently a 3-for-2 offer on skincare in Boots and I couldn't resist them! I'm yet to try the energy balm, but I have used the mask once and I felt such a difference in my skin the next morning - with one use! I have also started using the cleanser and it leaves my face feeling make-up free and squeaky clean. It smells of peaches (funnily enough) and it is amazing! Honestly, if it was a perfume I would wear it.  I have acne-prone skin so I'm really hoping these will do good to my skin and not break me out, and so far they've been great!

From left to right: Scrub of your Life body buffer, Righteous Butter body butter,  Hand Food hand cream

I rarely use body products like body scrubs and body lotions. I don't usually have the time or patience to sit around and wait for it to dry. However, these two products have changed my mind about them!

Mist you Madly body spray

I mentioned this little gem in my July Favourites post, and I just keep on repurchasing it! It smells amazing, and if you get the smaller size (which is only £3.50!) it is the perfect size to pop into your bag when you're going out.

From left to right: Hand Food, Hand Food, Hand Food, and more Hand Food...

Okay, you may have come across my absolute weakness in the S&G collection... it's the Hand Food hand cream. I love this so much! I have 3 of the smaller bottles so I can have one in whatever bag I'm taking out with me that day (I hardly ever don't have it with me. It's more often now since it's summer but in Winter I don't think there was a single day I left the house without it...) and I have the large one in my room. It is so moisturising, and it sinks into my hands really quickly, plus (this is always my favourite part) it smells so good!

I am definitely a massive Soap & Glory fan. If you have never tried anything from them before, I really recommend going to have a look in Boots some time (even if it's just to smell them!) I am yet to try their make up; so far I'm just loving their skincare, but I have heard good things about their makeup too!

Sophie x

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