Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Updated Review | Collection Work the Colour Eyeshadow Pencils*

So, a while ago now I wrote a post on the Collection Work the Colour Eyeshadow Pencils which I really love (if you haven't already read that you can here).

Very, very kindly, Collection decided to send me the other 4 colours of the eyeshadow pencils that I didn't have, as a thank you for writing the blog post I did. This is not a sponsered post in any way, but I thought that was so nice I decided to share them all with you.

I still love these pencils and use them frequently - if not as my actual eyeshadow I would use them as an eyeshadow base. If you haven't tried these out, I really do recommend looking at them when you get a chance. The only bad point I've found is that they're not very blendable - but they are just so pigmented and long lasting I don't mind.

My favourite of them is still 'Hot Chocolate' - it's such a beautiful shimmery brown.

From left to right in both pictures: Vanilla Sky, Vintage Blush, Hot Chocolate, Denim Diva, Gunmetal Glitz, Midnight Glam

Everything else I have included in my proper review. I just wanted to share how kind I thought Collection were! If you haven't checked these out, I really recommend that you do.

Collection Work the Colour Eyeshadow Pencil - £3.19 here

Sophie x

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  1. Just seen your link from the #asktanyaburr, your blog is lovely! I've never seen these pencils before, i'll look out for them next time I'm shopping.
    Ellie x