Saturday, 12 October 2013

Favourite Budget Autumn Lip Products

Autumn is one of my favourite months for makeup and clothing - I love the richer colours and being able to wear fluffy, cosy jumpers, jackets and boots!

I have found my top 3, non breaking the bank lip products that I know I am going to be using a lot this autumn:

1 - Collection Deluxe lipstick in 1'prohibition'
2 - NYX jumbo lip crayon in 'plush red'
3 - Miss Sporty Perfect Colour lipstick in 'malaga'

Left to right: Miss Sporty 'Malaga', NYX 'Plush Red', Collection 'prohibition'

NYX's jumbo lip crayon is a seriously pigmented, easy to apply and easy to carry around with you lipstick. I love it! Especially for darker colours like these, that I tend to go for in the colder months, I find the small crayon nib a lot easier to use than a usual lipstick. The dark pinky/purpley/red/berry shade is lovely, too, and it is very long lasting.

The Miss Sporty Perfect Colour lipstick is a slightly orange-toned red, although it has appeared a lot more orangey in this photo than it does in real life. It is a typical red, which I do usually find quite daunting to wear, but i like the shade of this. It isn't incredibly pigmented, but it's good for the small price it costs.

Collection's Deluxe lipstick is possibly my favourite one of them all. It is the darkest one and is almost more dark purple than red, so pretty. It has good pigmentation and good wear time, and I just find the shade of this really suits my skin tone.

NYX Jumbo Lip Pencil - £5.00 here       |       Miss Sporty Perfect Colour Lipstick - £2.59 here        |   Collection Deluxe Lipstick - £3.99 here

Hope you enjoyed this little budget Autumn lipsticks idea!

Sophie x

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