Saturday, 5 October 2013

Review | Beauty UK High Brow Kit

When shopping in Superdrug a wee while ago, I walked past the Beauty UK stand and spotted this eyebrow kit. I have never really thought of much from Beauty UK before as I had never tried any of their products, but after the great surprise this kit gave me I am going to have a look at more Beauty UK products.

I had been wanting something new for my eyebrows for a while as I was bored with the same eyebrow pencil everyday, but I hadn't found anything that was the right colour for my eyebrows until I spotted this. The light brown shade is a perfect match to fill my eyebrows in, relatively naturally.

The kit contains a wax (bottom right) to set your brows in shape before you add a powder, a light brown powder (which is the shade I use), a dark brown powder (which I would use mixed in with a bit of the lighter one if I want a stronger brow) and a black powder that I wouldn't use for my eyebrows, but I will use it as an eyeliner. This kit is perfect for on the go as well - it includes a small tweezer (which is surprisingly good!) and a small double-ended eyebrow brush.

It also has instructions on the back of the product saying how to use the different segments of it - so it's perfect if you're just starting to experiment with your eyebrows too!

I wasn't expecting much from this kit - it is only £3.99 after all, which I think is excellent value for what you get here. I would pay a lot more for a kit like this, it contains everything you need (apart from a mirror).

The pigmentation isn't amazing, and it is a shame it doesn't have a mirror, but apart from that I really can't fault this little brow wonder!

If you're looking for a new, cheap way to do your eyebrows I do recommend you have a look at this the next time you're in Superdrug - you can't really go wrong with £3.99 can you!

£3.99 - Superdrug here

Sophie x


  1. I'm always keen to try new brow products so I may give this a go :) Fab post lovely! Raspberrykiss xo

    1. You should, I really love it! Thank you :) xo